Kudoz Belts. The Tight Jeans Solution.

Welcome to Kudoz™ Belts... The Tight Jeans Solution!

Get extreme comfort, look lean and save money ... instantly!

Can't quite button up your favorite jeans or pants? The Kudoz™ Belt is the very first and original of its kind. It allows you to comfortably wear pants that no longer fit like they used to. Our patent-pending belt design discreetly closes unsightly button and zipper gaps (of up to 2 inches), giving you a gorgeous, empowering solution to this age-old problem.

Kudoz Belts gives you extra incentive to work your way back to fitting perfectly into those smaller jeans, in beauty, comfort and style. It also allows you to simply get more comfort out of your existing jeans. And, if you're pregnant, you'll love how Kudoz Belts extends the life of your favorite jeans (versus relying on unsightly elastic bands or similar measures), even post-pregnancy. Go in style and look beautiful!

Get more slack in your slacks... with a stunning belt that comes in range of leathers and styles. Who knew you could be more comfortable in your one size smaller jeans and pants, instantly; look trimmer; extend your wardrobe; and save money, all at once? Kudoz™ Belts. The Tight Jeans Solution.

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Kudoz belts - Introductory pricing!

Black Triangular sleeve belt

Starting at $58

Brown triangular sleeve belt

Starting at $58

Black round belt w/ silver buckle

Starting at $58

Black Round Belt w/ oval buckle

Starting at $58

Brown Round Belt w/ brass buckle

Starting at $58

Brown round croco print belt

Starting at $129

Does this feel familiar?

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